Sweet Surrender (Remix)

by Solex

Released 2013
Solex Music
Released 2013
Solex Music
I know I’m probably giving my age away, but who cares. Holla for those who know about 45’s! Remember losing the adapter and having to put your finger in the middle while it was spinning to keep it from wobbling? LOL! Say what you wanna, but that was some
In one word Solomon’s music can be described as UniverSoul ~ “one universal sound that soothes the soul.“ The language of his music is universal. He is a musician who makes no boasts about his musical talent, but credits his Daddy (Jehovah) for blessing him with the ability to do what he ­does. A native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Solomon grew up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid) and was exposed to the ministry of music early in his childhood. He is the oldest of three siblings and began playing the bass guitar at age 15 with his family’s gospel quartet, The Edmond Family. Solomon’s passion for playing the keyboard ultimately lead him to a career as a minister of ­music for over 25 years. He has since began focusing on the creation and production of the music that has always been a part of his being yet was forbidden to express...Love Songs and Life Music!

Solomon made his debut in the “Life Music” category with his release of Together Again in 2007, a soulful compilation of jazz, rooted in gospel with a mild mix of Latin and R&B beats. The CD is a tribute to his first cousin, Jonathan Dubose. They grew up together in Bridgeport. After many years of separation, the two have come Together Again on this project. Jonathan is the baddest guitarist in the land. He is also known in the gospel industry as the prophesying ­guitarist. Solomon expanded his horizons with his second CD entitled “Love Language” in 2010. Continuing in the same “Life Music” genre, he has released his latest release is entitled “The B-Side.”
Solex - The B-Side
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