Love Language


Solomon Edmond


BACK2ME Been in love before - never needed more Gave it all I had - til I hit the door I tried to please - every want and need Gave up right for wrong to satisfy her greed Man, it’s tough to hear you really ain’t enough I got hip when she put me out with my stuff What a bitter cup - felt like giving up But I opened up again - that’s when love walked back in I’ve waited so long to Be in love again, but I always knew You would come Back2me, back2me All the love I gave - coming back2me I was feeling bound - now I‘m feeling free Love made it back Back2me, back2me All the love I gave - coming back2me I’m a product of - reciprocity Love made it back It is true you reap - reap just what you sow Couldn’t carry on - til I let it go Had to understand - it’s all in the plan Every kind of woman ain’t for every kind of man Now I clearly see - what is right for me For the sake of love I threw away my destiny And to those of you - who for love still grieve Touch your heart and say - Yes, I will believe
Solex - The B-Side
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