Love Language

Covenant Brotha

Solomon Edmond


covenant brothA Music & Lyrics by Solomon Edmond I’m a man - and I know it Not ashamed - of my sex I’m content - and I show it Don’t care who - that affects Got a brotha - that’s my homie We’ve been tight - for a very long time I tell him - that I love him and I hug him - cause it ain’t a crime Too bad - you can’t love on a brotha without another brotha calling you gay So sad - you can’t show no emotion without suspicions ruling the day Too bad - you can’t tell a man you love him without cheap opinions goin’ astray So glad that you’re my covenant brotha and I really don’t care what they say Got a son - he’s my only one He’s my heart - looks just like me Try to show - some emotion When I teach how a real man should be Why can’t I - kiss my son Love my son - share my soul It’s your problem - if you get it twisted Betta get help for what you can’t control When you die - who’s gone care about how much money you made? Life is family - life is friends Life is love - the rest will fade Why you so hard - why you so mad? Who messed with your spiritual man? Whole lotta you - miss your dad But what he didn’t do - another man can Takes a brotha man to - Tell another man that We can do this thing if - we take a stand Where’s the real man - what’s the deal man How you feel man - time to heal man
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