Love Language

I Luv U

Solomon Edmond


I LOVE U Music & Lyrics by Solomon Edmond The more that I think I know The more I know I need to grow And the more that I think I have I don’t know This life is such a mystery Sometimes it’s hard for me to see That the things that I really need are right in front of me So I acquiesce on the things I have to guess So I give in to the unction to grow And I must confess I am truly blessed cause there’s one thing that I do know I luv U That’s one thing I understand I luv U And I want to be your man I luv U And I’m going to do everything I can Because the more that I am with you I luv U Every now and then I try to understand the reasons why The dreams that I had prepared eventually die And if I could do it all again The changes I would make within And things that I would do to find you Don’t know how the flowers grow Don’t know how to make it snow Don’t how the sun lights up the sky Don’t know what tomorrow brings don’t know too many things But there’s one thing I am sure that I know I luv U This I know I luv U And it grows I luv U You’re my world I luv U Be my girl The more that I am with U I luv U
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