Love Language

I Will Stay

Solomon Edmond


I Will Stay Music & Lyrics by Solomon Edmond Yea, I remember The first time that we met You were so beautiful How can I forget The impression you made, made sure it stayed And it hasn’t left yet I am so tender When it comes to love I wasn’t sure I was the one you were thinking of It didn’t show, so how could I know We could be a duet Now all lovers reach that moment in time when two hearts beseech will you be mine? I will stay Now that I know that you love me I will stay Now that I know that you care There’s nothing better than knowing that you’re wanted knowing that you’re needed my love won’t be mistreated It’s great to be equally free and equally loved Some may think it’s a sin But we don’t as men proclaim to pretend to read women’s minds And I don’t have to give in to the notion that friends must always remain friends when they feel love within Needed to know Was I wasting time Do you feel love? Can you be mine?
Solex - The B-Side
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