Love Language


Solomon Edmond


MADE2LUV I was made 2 luv You were made 2 luv We were made 2 luv Luv away all the hate May not have a diamond ring or any of those material things Never got your BA degree Still studying for your GED Whether I’m rich, whether you’re poor If I have less, if you have more The beauty of life we all should adore After all, what are we living for? No one is a sequestered mold We are all a part of the whole Explore the reasons you are here I may come with some emotional pain Some relationships I just cannot explain Please don’t you gaze at me with disdain If you are free then loosen my chain There’s some bad in the best of us There’s some good in the worst of us It behooves the rest of us To show love to the guest of us My life is worthy of love and your life is a gift from above Let His love lead the way to say Learn to love yourself before anyone else Love can only be true If you learn to love you
Solex - The B-Side
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