Love Language


Solomon Edmond


SURVIVE Why do we proclaim that we know it all Why do we profess that we never fall Sometimes I say things I don’t really mean Sometimes I get dirty When I should be clean Triumphs and frustrations Have caused me to know Through my situations I know where to go No matter where I go No matter what I do I just can’t survive Living without You You were oh so cool Cause You always knew I just can’t survive Living without You I’m so tired of playing Like I’m superman I can’t make this happen Without Your helping hand Yea, now I surrender I’m giving you my all You can take my playbook Yahweh make the call You are in my system Like blood is in my veins How I need your presence Spirit please remain Thank You for Your lovin” Thank You for Your grace Thank You for the courage To stay in the race Want Your lovin' Need Your too Want your lovin' I love you
Solex - The B-Side
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