Love Language

U Move Me

Solomon Edmond


U MOVE ME Music & Lyrics by Solomon Edmond Say dat, say dat baby U move me,U move me U move me Baby Something bout the way the way you do the way you do And I so vividly remember the first time that i saw you You had a radiant glow Like an angel of virtue And I knew from that day had to find a way to get you into my life to make you my wife...cause U move me in a way that no one else can do U move me Now I think that I’m in love with you U move me Babe And I hope that you feel the same way too Something bout the way the way you do the way you do You’re so beautiful to me More than mere eyes can see I’m enamored by your soul and your sweetness makes me lose control Please tell me what I must do to finally get into you Tell me what else to say so that I can finally convey Tell me what’s on your mind cause to me your so fine Want to know what you know can we make this a go Want a chance just to love you tell you what I think of you you are so special to me and I want you to know that
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