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The B-Side

Solex: The B-Side

Continuing in the vien of his previous release "Love Language", Solex explores the topics of "Crazy4U", "It's Not Over", "If I Fall", and the title track, "The B-Side", just to name a few. Once again Jonathan DuBose brings what only he can bring to the songs. His guitar licks take the tracks to another level. Ace Livingston's bass chops are off the chain!!! And the sweet voice of Kabanya Vinson on "It's Not Over" is soulful and heartfelt. My son, Alex makes his drumming debut on "Unconditionally" by playing from the keyboard like an acoustic drummer. R&B/Soul fans will love this CD.

Smooth Soul

One of my pet peeves is the categorization of music. Why does it have to be jazz or rock or hip hop? Why can’t it just be music? It’s a universal language and I embrace that in this project called Smooth Soul. I hope that you will embrace it as well. Let my music move your soul and take you wherever you want to go!

Love Language

Solex: Love Language

Singing love songs has been a longtime passion of mine - one that I've kept on lock for years because I allowed the ‘Traditions of Men’ and the opinions of others - particularly those who share my faith - to devalue this form of expression. There are some in the African American Christian Community who believe that singing about anything other than Gospel is a sin. It has always amazed me how we can talk of love but we can’t sing of love. If God is love, why can’t we sing about those things that pertain to love? Whether it’s the pleasure of love, the pain of love, the certainty and uncertainty of love, or the full gamut of love - LOVE is the universal link that connects us to God and all mankind. Music conveys the message of love in a way that mere words simply cannot express - as phrased in my song, “More Than U Know,” I sing: ‘Don’t know how to express my passion, so I’ll sing it in this song.’ Love Language is a collaboration of songs that will inspire love, awaken love, and make you love.

Together Again

Solex: Together Again

In 2007, Solomon made his debut to the music industry with his release of Together Again, a soulful compilation of jazz, rooted in gospel with a mild mix of Latin and R&B beats. The CD is a tribute to his first cousin, Jonathan Dubose. They grew up together in Bridgeport. Solomon would go to the basement in Jonathan’s house and play bass while Jonathan played lead. After many years of separation, the two have come Together Again on this project. Jonathan is the baddest guitarist in the land. He is also known in the gospel industry as the prophesying ­guitarist.

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