Smooth Ride

Riding in my car is very therapeutic for me. Actually, riding in my car has been my drug of choice for quite some time now. Getting in my car by myself with music playing on a long, quiet road serves as my prayer room, think tank, release valve, and place of solace. Many songs were created there. Many problems solved there. Many new ideas birthed there. Oh man, and don’t let me drop the top on a cool autumn afternoon. Many priceless memories have been created there! It has been said that life is no smooth ride and I must wholeheartedly concur. This is why anytime you can experience a smooth ride, whether organically or manufactured...TAKE IT! I invite you to take a smooth ride and let my music take you anywhere you want to go! – Solomon



All gratitude to my Jehovah, without whom nothing is possible...To my ride or die, Raunnie...To my only son, Alex...To my precious granddaughter, Lexi...To my parents...To my siblings, Lynn & Luke...To my cousin, Jonathan Dubose...To my bass guitar player, Asa Livingston…To my 12 year old neice, Skyy Wiley...To my covenant brothers, Tony McLendon and Robert Cunningham...To Kerry Marshall...And to my fans...I am truly grateful to you all.


I have and always will be a lover of sound. it is an awesome phenomenon that communicates in a way that defies boundaries. Voices are legible sound waves that invoke various emotions. Voices instruct...Voices persuade...Voices enrage...but most of all for me, Voices calm. It is my endeavor to create a state of tranquility through my music. Let the voices in this compilation speak to your heart and soul. May the voices you hear be soothing, inviting, healing, and profitable to you and yours forever. – Solomon


Thank You Daddy (Yahweh-Yeshua) for Your unconditional love and assurance that it matters not what others think of me as long as You approve! Thanks, Babe for your continued support and words of encouragement. Thank You to Jonathan DuBose for always adding that element of elevation to my music. To my bass player, Asa Livingston for puttin’ da stank on it! To all of the beautiful women whose faces graced the cover of this project...may you be ever blessed. To my awesome off white toy poodle Livy, who accompanies me to all of my studio sessions...LOL!!! And last but by no means my fans, all of you who let me know that my music is worth keep me doing what I’m doing! I love you madly!!!


Thank You Daddy (Yahweh-Yeshua) for constantly proving Your undying love for me. Thanks, Babe (Raunnie, my darling wife) for your continued support and words of encouragement. Thank You Jonathan DuBose for once again taking my music to the next level. Ace, you are felicitous when it comes to pluck’n that bass.  Tony (T-Mac), we go waaayyy back. I’m happy we finally got a chance to hook up again! Todd, I’m glad we got a chance to work together…let’s do it again. Jordan, I found the right one for the job…awesome lyrics bruh. Tim, my covenant brother, thanks for putting it all together. To all my supporters worldwide, Thank You! Your support of my music is what encouraged me to take the next step in getting this project out. Alexis, the first born of my only son Alex, you give me the incentive to LIV.


Continuing in the vien of his previous release "Love Language", Solex explores the topics of "Crazy4U", "It's Not Over", "If I Fall", and the title track, "The B-Side", just to name a few. Once again Jonathan DuBose brings what only he can bring to the songs. His guitar licks take the tracks to another level. Ace Livingston's bass chops are off the chain!!! And the sweet voice of Kabanya Vinson on "It's Not Over" is soulful and heartfelt. My son, Alex makes his drumming debut on "Unconditionally" by playing from the keyboard like an acoustic drummer. R&B/Soul fans will love this CD.


Bonnie Raitt, thank you for bringing I Can’t Make You Love Me to the public. That song moves me like none other. Thank You George Duke (Odé To George) for the influence you have had on my life even though you didn’t know it...the world of music has lost an awesome composer! To all of the other great musicians: Earth, Wind & Fire, Pat Metheny, The Whispers, Everett Harp, Kirk Whalum, Joe Sample, David Sanborn, Spyro Gyra, Bob James, Doobie Powell, Marcus Miller, Chick Corea, Wayman Tisdale -  who made it possible for me to make this project.  Thank You for doing you, so I could do me!!! P.S. Aand Lug is Afrikaans for “Evening Air”.